Do you use a task manager to help you schedule tasks and activities?  Many people do.  There are many apps out there to help you.

Do you wake each morning, look at your list of outstanding tasks and feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of things you should achieve that day.

You are setting yourself up for failure.

At the end of the day, you probably look at the list again and find you are carrying over quite a few of those tasks until the next day.  You therefore feel you have ‘failed’.

This is repeated each day, increasing the sense of frustration, of pressure, of failure.

This is no way to become productive.

What you should do is to determine which of the tasks should be done by you – and which by others.  You should maintain 3 or 4  important tasks to be done each day – others should be eliminated, automated or delegated.  You can then complete those tasks, tick them off and feel a sense of achievement,  Your morale will rise, your stress lower – and you will become more productive

You can also, then, throw the task manager away.