Many people use ToDo lists and apps to keep track of their outstanding tasks.  

There are also lots of apps available, with different flavours of operation.

However, you need to remember that  a ToDo list (even one contained within a sophisticated app) is just that  – a list of tasks. It has no understanding of priority or urgency and certainly no knowledge of how a task should best be carried out.

So, you need to apply all of this extra, external knowledge to the tasks in the list if the list is to prove useful. Don’t expect to become more productive by simply adding tasks to your ToDo list.  Even AI can’t help here – it takes good old, human knowledge, experience and judgement to properly prioritise and organise. So, Think.  Plan. Shape your ToDo list to match that thinking and you should get good results.  But don’t thank the app; thank yourself for thinking through the issues and addressing the tasks according to established criteria.  And remember, the list is always flexible; it can be changed as circumstances change to affect priorities.

ToDo lists are good; but only when supported and backed up by a thinking human being.