I read recently that Coca-Cola has withdrawn its voicemail system from its Atlanta headquarters in an effort to improve productivity.  Callers now get a simple message suggesting they should use another means of contact.

Voicemail was originally introduced as an ‘added value’ service for callers – saving them the need to call again – but is now seen as an ‘overhead’ that sucks time and effort out of the organisation.  it is worse than email in some ways since taking down details from a voice message can take multiple listenings.

Presumable there are other services we have introduces as time-savers or value enhancers that will, in time, be regarded as unnecessary or positively harmful.

email? text messaging 

Or have Coca-Cola got it wrong.  Will all those callers who are forced to ring again or use some other means of contacting Coca-Cola personnel simply vote with their feet, become annoyed, not bother to pursue their contact.  I will be interested in any follow-up comments/actions once ‘the dust settles’.