Productivity requires employees to be fully trained in all aspects of their work role, preferably  including being aware of the organisation’s declared mission snd overall strategy.

The problem for the organisation is that training can be expensive – especially in terms of taking an employee away from the workplace.

One standard answer is “If you think training is expensive, try ignorance and incompetence”.

But another problem is that too many organisations  have failed to keep up with cultural and technological changes.

Over the last 20 years we have created the ‘video generation’.  People expect to learn things on YouTube rather than in books.  They automatically choose a source with pictures – and preferably moving ones.

Training is still, however, largely done verbally rather than visually.  Going visual, to many trainers, means adding the occasional graphic to their PowerPoint presentation.

Not good enough.

We all have the technology in our phones to take high quality video with sound. Video editing software is available for computers, tablets and even phones. So why aren’t trainers using more video – for workplace  snd even home-based training.

They may not have the skills to create effective materials….. but if they can’t help themselves to develop the necessary skills, what on earth is their credibility as professional trainers?

Physician – heal thyself!