Many organisations are thinking through their ‘corporate social responsibilities’.  They see this as either a good means of getting positive PR (the cynical ones) or as a means of making their contribution to the communities they touch with their operations (the good guys) … or perhaps for many, somewhere in the middle (the majority).

Unfortunately, for too many, CSR translates as environmentalism .. with little regard paid to ‘social’ issues.

The World Confederation of Productivity Science is committed to the promotion of social, environmental and economic (SEE) productivity – believing that a focus on all three is needed to achieve longer-term sustainability and success.  However, it is sometimes difficult and expensive to act alone 

This is something that needs concerted, committed and, above all, shared effort.  That is why WCPS supports the UN Global Compact and its commitment to social justice within business operations.

Together we can make a difference – and create successful, sustainable, thriving, productive  businesses.