Those managers and executives who have come through the ranks, maintaining their own diaries, typing their own words and creating their own presentations often find it difficult to adjust when they reach the dizzy heights of having their own secretary – or even an executive assistant.

Most secretaries/assistants realise this and, in effect, end up training the manger on how to use this new resource.

Slowly they work out an effective working relationship which works for them both – and, hopefully, for the organisation.

This should be a valuable lesson for the manager/executive.  

  • They don’t know everything.

  • More junior staff often know more about their own role than anyone else.

  • Effective relations take time to develop – and need the engagement of all parties.


If they can take those learnings into their future planning and operational activity, they should be more effective – and create a mutual trust with those underneath them in the hierarchy.

This, in turn, makes them more productive, more satisfied and more valuable to the organisation.