We have seen lots of talk over the last few years by various governments about the need for more sustainable development – and less dependence on fossil fuels.

Yet, the rise in the use of fossil fuels goes on – along with the associated pollution and environmental damage.

If most businesses over-promised and under-delivered to the same degree, they would be out of business fairly quickly.

So it must be our fault. we would stop buying from poorly performing companies, yet we continue to support poorly performing governments.

Because, like governments, we talk a lot but do little in the end we vote for what saves the money in our pocket, not what saves the planet.

WhoPolicy-makers need to find a way of motivating us to do the right thing.

So it is their fault – they pontificate about environmental performance but should be concentrating on consumer behaviour.  Sort us out – and we’ll sort out the planet (if sufficiently motivated by appropriate rewards or penalties