It is amazing how a problem, and especially a disaster, can focus the mind … focus efforts of individuals and teams … focus organisations – and even focus nations.

The current pandemic has been very much ‘pan’ – crossing countries and continents. It has seen remarkable global cooperation and collaboration in the search for an effective vaccine, with even the beleaguered WHO (beleaguered thanks to the ex-president of the USA) providing coordination and communication.

The result is a number of potential vaccines being developed and tested in a remarkably short time. – and the first glimmers of hope that the pandemic might soon be under control.

This is a great lesson in facilitating innovation.

Remember those ‘C’s – cooperation, collaboration, coordination and communication. But mainly remember the immense focus placed on the problem – and therefore on potential solutions.

When seeking innovation, you must have these conditions in place, serving the efforts of a team or teams who are completely focused on an agreed problem.

Of course this should preferably be done before disaster strikes 🙂