Many employees claim they spend too much time coordinating their activity with others instead of driving forward their primary activities.

Working from home has made this worse.  Employees are forever on Zoom or Teams calls, talking about that they have done or what they are scheduled to do..  This means they are not carrying out their primary task.

Coordination is essential, of course, but managers have to find ways of making it more effective and more efficient.  Meetings should be shorter and more focused, preferably using g pictorial representations of progress that can be easily assimilated. Similarly goals, and progress towards them should be easily communicated and assessed.  Wherever possible, coordination should be part of the primary task, rather than a second order activity superimposed on top.

This requires modified, not new, management skills and managerial processes.  Managers themselves need preparing for this new paradigm – one where communication between individual and teams automatically ensures coordination.

Are you ready for this?