Information Matters

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There is some research evidence from India that suggests that providing farmers with information and advice about the use of pesticides, high yield seeds, weather forecasts, etc is more important than ‘showing them what to do’.  Farmers react more positively when you leave responsibility with them.   Of course, today the technology exists to provide advice and

Now is the Time to Think

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As we gain hope, and maybe even confidence, with the first virus injections, it is time to reflect on the effects of the pandemic and form plans for the future. There are two main items of consideration. One is your readiness for the pandemic when it happened.  Did you handle it quickly? Well? Was such a

Happy New Year

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Was what you did and achieved in 2020 the best you could do, bearing in mind the limits caused by the pandemic? If not, you have to think about what you can do and achieve in 2021 to improve. There is no point repeating what you did last year and expecting better results. So, set

Don’t Waste the Festive Time

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We know Christmas day was yesterday, and we know some readers do not celebrate Christmas ... but we send greetings anyway. We also remind you that 'festivities' are valuable in  the workplace - to celebrate, and cement, success. So, take what chances you can to combine seasonal cheer with rewards for effort and success.

Critical Success Factors

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Every business - and every manager in that  business - should know what are the critical success factors … what must the company do - and do well - if they are to be successful.  What are the factors that underpin the mission.   The aim is not to identify lots of these - but the essential (‘critical’)

The Secret Productivity Weapon

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We have all been in situations where we have received efficient, friendly service from someone with a smile.  Efficient AND friendly service is so much more effective at creating customer well-being and customer loyalty than merely efficient service. We remember it.  We value it. We react to it. It must be more than ‘smile training’

I Understand the Fear

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Lots of workers (in manufacturing) are concerned about losing their jobs to robots, as the inexorable rise of automated machines and AI gathers pace. One common ‘defence’ is to suggest that robots only take over the drudgery - leaving the humans to take on more skilled, more knowledge-based tasks, and making the workplace safer. This

Should the CEO worry about employee productivity?

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The obvious answer is ‘Yes’ but is that the right answer? it depends on what you means by ‘worry about’. The CEO needs to worry about ‘big issues’ - those that directly affect achievement of strategic aims and the overall mission. Of course, productivity is important.  It is a useful measure of ‘future profit’, of

A Suitable Platform

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Two trends have come together to transform attitudes to technology. Firstly, hardware (closely followed by software) has become so advanced that many tasks previously thought incapable of being computerised or digitised have now come within application areas Secondly, people have become used to using technology since they now use their mobile phones for a range

Post-Pandemic Policy

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A crisis like the one the world is at the moment changes political, economic and business thinking. Long-strategy understandably gives way to survival thinking.... “How can we get through this?” So, longer (but not that long) issues such as climate change become very much a ‘future nice-to-consider’ rather than an impending issue. Individual firms (and

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