Silo Mentality

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Silo mentality is one of the most significant obstacles to organisational success.  It has become more severe and more common during the era of hybrid working and especially remote working. Because communication takes more effort, and is more subject to  errors and misunderstandings. when people are not face-to-face, it means that employees are often not sharing information with

Exploit the Zeigarnik Effect

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The Zeigarnik effect describes the way unfinished tasks remain active in our mind, intruding into our thoughts and our sleep until they are dealt with, much like a hungry person will notice every restaurant and appetising smell on their way home and then lose all interest when they’ve had their dinner. You may have noticed

AI Outside the Box

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Many people - and especially pundits - are predicting significant productivity gains from the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence). However few will say exactly how this transformation will happen. My view is that gains will come in all sorts of places that we do not yet know about - as adopters realise just what AI can

The New Status Quo

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Lots of ‘soft’ initiatives are claimed to improve performance and productivity, often by increasing the motivation or satisfaction of employees.  These include  such things as reduced working hours, flexible working hours and wellness programmes. These may indeed raise satisfaction and performance when first introduced. However, rarely do they last as motivational factors.  They simply become part of the

Virtually non-Productive

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We all got used to meeting online during the pandemic.  Apps like Zoom and Teams were part of the fabric of our work. Now many of us are back in the office but the Zoom/Teams habit is hard to break.  Some of us have a number of online calls and conferences every day, keeping us

Am I Wasting My Time?

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There are quite a few blogs offering advice on personal productivity - how to handle complex ToDo lists, how to delegate tasks, how to prioritise, how to concentrate on important tasks, and so on. Such blogs - and other media offering similar advice - have been operating  for years, yet it seems as though there are

Happy New Year

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Each year we say to friends, family and colleagues, "Happy New Year" - either as the 1st January rolls around or the first time we see them in the new year. What we are saying is "Good luck", merely wishing them that fate serves them kindly during the year.  Neither we, nor they, have any

Soccer Lessons

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It is obvious that good soccer coaches or mangers earn the respect of their players and create a ‘playing system’ and an environment (or culture) in which players want to perform for their colleagues, club and coach. Poor managers do exactly the opposite of these things.  They lack the respect of players (known as ‘losing the

Getting Engaged

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HR professionals have been trying for years to discover  how to improve employee engagement and productivity, A collaboration between Wharton Neuroscience Initiative (WNI) and global consulting firm Slalom is aiming to find out. By giving EEG headsets to over 650 volunteer Slalom employees and studying the recordings during their workdays, the researcers were able to draw some interesting

Soccer Lessons

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I  am a soccer fan.  I watch it (mainly on TV) regularly and have my favourite teams.  I also take an interest in football management - especially in the ‘management merry-go-round’ where managers are sacked by one club and then employed by another.   Over the last 20 or 30 years in the UK soccer world, there has been

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