There are quite a few blogs offering advice on personal productivity – how to handle complex ToDo lists, how to delegate tasks, how to prioritise, how to concentrate on important tasks, and so on.

Such blogs – and other media offering similar advice – have been operating  for years, yet it seems as though there are lots of people, lots of managers even, that do not heed the advice – or still need help.

This suggests that either these people have managed to avoid all sources of advice, that they have decided to ignore the advice, or that the context and circumstances have changed and the advice is no longer appropriate (at least in its present form).

Few people will ignore or refuse advice that makes sense to therm.

So, when we see people working quietly on a report while ostensibly being involved in a Zoom call, or (the reverse) taking an important client call whilst attempting to work on an important report – we either have someone who does not want advice, or who fails to recognise that the advice appies to him/her.

If you know someone who is in this situation, give them s nudge.  If the someone is you, give yourself a nudge.  

Of course much of the advice is basic and simple – and might need interpretation for your own situation (or your ‘friend’s) but no-one said  this was easy.

If you are not trying to improve your ability to do your work, then shame on you.  I hope you are not expecting others (your subordinates?) to improve whilst thinking yourself perfect?

I will, from time to time, offer general snd generic advice.  Your job is to read it, think about it and then either ignore it (which might be the correct response) or act on it in a way that applies to your particular context. 

Otherwise,  I am wasting my time!