The UK public has voted to leave the EU.  There are numerous reasons given – but they don’t matter anymore … except inso far as the EU learns what the public don’t like about the EU and attempts to reform itself.

What matters for the UK is what happens now to the EU economy – and to UK productivity.

The answer, of course, is that no-one knows.

Generally speaking, lowering trade barriers helps improve an economy – so any move to create barriers between the EU and the UK could harm the UK economy – but would possibly have more impact on the EU economy.

Surely sense will prevail – and a new trade deal will be negotiated quickly.  Any attempt by the UE to ‘punish’ the UK would be disastrous for both sides.

And remember, we haven’t left Europe … just the EU.  I am proud to be European … but I had my misgivings about an unaccountable organisation whose accounts have not been signed off for many years.

So, this is not goodbye.  Our relationship has changed – but we’re still here, just over the Channel, ready to trade.