I remember once walking past an office and the staff in there were obviously enjoying themselves.  They were laughing – at what, I know not.  My first thought was ‘How odd. Shouldn’t they be taking their work more seriously?  We pay them to work, not to play. “

But, of course, first thoughts are quite often wrong thoughts.  This is why you should always pause and reflect before firing off angry emails or taking important decisions.

Luckily, I had read something fairly recently about the effects that laughter can have on your body- releasing a cocktail of chemicals that can prove to be quite positive for many.. 

I also recalled a recent brainstorming session when the flow of ideas was definitely enhanced by the presence of a joker in the pack. His flow of jokes, quips and anecdotes was matched by a flow of ideas aimed squarely at the problem under review.

So, I walked on, thinking I had witnessed a positive rather than negative experience.

Laughter provides us with obvious benefits – a reduction in stress, an increase in camaraderie and team-bonding … but it also improves creativity.

So, encourage the jokers and pranksters … let’s build fun into the working day, and innovation into the organisation.