I normally post to this blog on a Saturday … but this is not a normal week.

Firstly I am in St Johns, Newfoundland attending a Board Meeting of the World Confederation of Productivity Science.

Secondly, today is National Manufacturing Day in the US.

Co-incidentally, one of my WCPS colleagues, George Smith, happened to mention that his toaster had broken.  This  was a wedding present 50 years ago and has given 50 years of excellent, consistent service.

One is tempted to say “They don’t make things like that, anymore” but, of course, they do.

In spite of its trials and tribulations, manufacturing has moved onwards and upwards increasing its reliability, its quality, its consistency. Unfortunately for too many countries in the West, it has also moved away – off shore and overseas.

There are some brave attempts to ‘bring manufacturing home’ but too often these are limited to final assembly.

However, let’s not forget that we do still have fine examples of high tech, high spec manufacturing and we should celebrate their innovation, ingenuity, tenacity and sheer bloody-mindedness that keeps them at the top of the pile.

Thanks for the stuff you make for us!