This blog is concerned with regional, national and organisational productivity. Rarely do we ‘stray into’ personal productivity – largely because I think it is more or less irrelevant in terms of raising those other productivities – they are based on the effectiveness and productivity of processes and systems – not individual people,.

However, I read recently that an air passenger – on a  plane with a new WiFi service – had been landed a hefty bill (over $1500) for what he thought was fairly modest usage.  It set me thinking about ‘strategies’ to use that travel time to good effect.

Of course there are the ‘air warriors’ who reach for their laptop 5 minutes after takeoff and clatter away for the rest of the flight. 

Not me!  I use the time for …. thinking, …. even daydreaming.  I find such quality, free time very rare – but it is a precious resource and shouldn’t be wasted on menial e-tasks such as email, spreadsheeting or the like.

So think before you take your laptop out – then put it away and continue thinking.  It will pay dividends 

If this still sounds too much like ‘work’, try … resting.  That also pays dividends.