I want a new guitar. I admit I don’t need one (I have 4)… but I want one.

The problems is that my wife says we don’t have the space.  She has initiated a new house rule for guitars – one in, one out.  But I’m emotionally attached to my guitars so selling one is difficult.  However, I admit we are running out of space.

We all know that what we have to store continually expands to fill the available space.  So we end up storing ‘rubbish’, stuff we might need one day when it ‘comes in useful’.

The same is true at work. Most workspaces are full of unused tools, equipment, files, papers – taking up space, getting in the way, making us less productive.  This is why the 5S process is so valuable – if we declutter, we work more effectively and more productively.

So, if you take a look at your workspace and declutter it, I promise to think about considering getting rid of one of my guitars.