Calling All Governments

Which governments succeeded and which have failed in meeting the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic?  Well - as ever - it depends on your definition of succcess. There are two main factors against which the future will judge governments: the first is public health and well-being; the second is economic performance.   The first will

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Keep Moving Backwards

Many, if not most, companies are looking to improve productivity these days.  They may design single, initiatives or projects to look at key issues or, if they are smart, have an ongoing ‘movement’ that systematically addresses all business processes. Too often, however, even the smarter companies concentrate on ‘up front’ processes and tasks - the

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Hard Work

Do you want your employees to work hard?  (Yes, we’re starting with the easy questions.) Well, actually you don’t. If those employees are doing the wrong things, or even doing the right things but in the wrong way, then hard work can, at best, be sub-optimal and ,at worst, counter-productive. What we want from our

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Secure Food Supplies

I have written and spoken recently about the growing realisation that resilience must be a key factor in industry  development where security and consistency of supply becomes ever more important when selecting working systems and processes, and especially logistics services and processes. Nowhere is this more true than in agriculture where food security becomes ever

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Different Strokes

I've been to several countries in the last few months. All of them need higher productivity BUT ... 1. each of them has to define just what higher productivity means in their particular context 2. each of them has to prioritise where they most need higher productivity 3. each of them has to decide how

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Italy Flags

Italy's productivity is on the decline. This is bad news for Italy and for the EU (and especially the Eurozone countries). Italy seems to have a whole bureaucracy of regulation that keeps Italian companies small ..... making it difficult to secure economies of scale ... and stops them doing lots of things that would improve

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