Its Productivity Week

By |June 24th, 2023|Categories: National Productivity, Productivity|

For most (all?) countries, at the moment, that headline could ha de been rewritten as ‘Its Productivity Weak”. Productivity, globally, has been fading as a result of general  economic decline, the COVID pandemic, the war in

Who Trains Who?

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Those managers and executives who have come through the ranks, maintaining their own diaries, typing their own words and creating their own presentations often find it difficult to adjust when they reach the dizzy heights

Is This The Future of Work?

By |June 10th, 2023|Categories: Productivity|

Is the future of work to be similar to the hybrid forms we have seen emerge from the pandemic - with workers attending the workplace only 2 or 3 days per week (or even less)?

What about the Workers?

By |June 3rd, 2023|Categories: Productivity|

Over the last few decades there has been steady and continual divergence between productivity growth and pay rises,    Analysis of historical data shows that productivity and compensation for ordinary workers grew in near lockstep from

Your Monday morning task

By |May 27th, 2023|Categories: Productivity|

On Monday morning (or perhaps Sunday evening), ask yourself the following questions : What are the critical issues this week? What do I absolutely have to get done this week? What might come back to

How artificial, how intelligent?

By |May 20th, 2023|Categories: Innovation|

Some people praise the potential of AI (Artificial Intelligence).  Some are scared by it. Who is right? All of them. We know that all new technologies tend to be misused by unscrupulous and unprincipled actors. The

Small can be effective

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In a changing world, business leaders are looking for more training options that provide greater flexibility and variety. They are looking for a mix of formats and delivery options, with a preference for short courses.  


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In many countries, governments are raising the retirement age to contain pension and welfare costs.   Today’s workers are going to have to work to a ripe, old age.  (Since, generally, people are healthier and fitter than they

Digital Overload

By |April 29th, 2023|Categories: Productivity|

We have all experienced sensory overload due to the deluge of emails we receive.  This is even more so for those of us whose organisations have provided us with a range of helpful (?) productivity

In Retrospect

By |April 22nd, 2023|Categories: Productivity|

A new trend is emerging of organisations organising review and retrospection meetings - perhaps every 2 weeks or so to allow employees (collectively) to review what they’ve done, what they’ve achieved, what went well and


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Getting people back to the office is proving difficult for many organisations. Employees have got used to the flexibility, and to the lack of commuting, associated with home working. Many organisations have saved money by allowing users

Can I have some more, Sir?

By |April 1st, 2023|Categories: Productivity, Sustainability|

We all need more food.  The world population continues to grow.  At the same time, however, we devote less land to agriculture as we create mega cities and urban sprawl. The only solution is  increased agricultural productivity.

Let Them Laugh

By |March 25th, 2023|Categories: Innovation, Productivity|

I remember once walking past an office and the staff in there were obviously enjoying themselves.  They were laughing - at what, I know not.  My first thought was ‘How odd. Shouldn’t they be taking their work


By |March 11th, 2023|Categories: Productivity|

A very simple way of thinking about productivity is to identify the things that block or slow down throughput and eliminate them.  I know this is an oversimplification because in some case, removing a bottleneck

Working Hard is Not Enough

By |March 4th, 2023|Categories: Productivity|

I get concerned when I see famous people in all sort of fields (‘celebrities’?) give advice to youngsters  saying something like “You can be anything you want to be, do anything you want to do. You

Learn from other Disciplines

By |February 18th, 2023|Categories: Productivity|

Someone once told me if you want innovation in engineering, don’t ask an engineer.  They’ll give you accepted (and workable) engineering solutions but they won’t give you groundbreaking, innovative or creative solutions. What you need is

We need real, not artificial, intelligence

By |February 11th, 2023|Categories: Productivity|

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is touted as ‘the next big thing’ in productivity improvement - and there is little doubt that we will see lots of examples of AI taking over relatively menial, snd some more

Are Some People More Productive Than Others?

By |February 4th, 2023|Categories: Productivity|

Most people assume that some people are more productive than others - and for some jobs, that is clearly true.  But for many people, their productivity is determined by ‘the system’, the technology and the productivity

What’s The Purpose?

By |January 28th, 2023|Categories: Productivity|

Many firms put in systems to improve productivity, by monitoring what is going on and how hard people are working.  They manage - or micro-manage - the time of their employees and how it is filled.

Trteat gyouyr employees like dogs

By |January 21st, 2023|Categories: Productivity|

Do you have a dog? If so, you know that, above all else, dogs value ... food, yes, but consistent behaviour from their owner.  That is how you train your dog - by applying consistent

The Technology Circle

By |January 14th, 2023|Categories: Productivity|

Last week I suggested that technology might be useful in helping drive productivity forward. This week, I am changing my view after further reflection. Yes, over time firms have used technology to improve their business

Technology might help

By |January 7th, 2023|Categories: Productivity|

Major technological change does boost productivity. Think of the really big developments - the wheel, the steam engine, the computer, the Internet, the robot. Though it takes time, such technologies have transformed industry and  human life

Happy New Year

By |December 31st, 2022|Categories: Productivity|

Since publication date of this blog is right at the end of the year, I simply want to wish everyone a productive new year. During the holidays, I am sure you have been reflecting on

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