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We hear quite a lot these days about work-life balance.  But how do you know your own balance is wrong? Well, burnout is man obvious sign. If you are exhausted, physically or mentally, you need to re-evaluate your priorities. But it is not always so obvious. Another possible sign is that your health is OK  but you’re

What Do I Do on Monday Morning?

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For some time I was a member of the governing Council of a UK professional body.  We had regular meetings about the forward direction and strategy for the organisation, which at its peak had abut 25,000 members.  We Council members talked, pontificated, debated important issues.  As ever, on such bodies, everybody thought they should make some contribution to

Share Progress to Ensure Shared Progress

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Some managers think they need to keep an eye on their staff, fearing that, if they don’t, those staff will nor give their maximum contribution. One of the problems is that the staff will know they are being watched and will lose motivation immediately, fearing they are not trusted to work to the best of

Give Them A Chance

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I talked last week about giving people decent work to do if you want them to be self-motivated. I stand by that but, of course, it’s not the complete solution. Many businesses overload key members of the workforce so that they burn out and either leave or go off sick. Thankfully, in the last few

Decent Workl

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I have said may times in this blog that expecting higher productivity through exhortation is unlikely to be successful. Organisations or nations need systematic processes that address the causes of low productivity - and actions to reverse or eliminate those causes. In addition, though, employees need decent work to do … they need clear tasks

Drive With Care

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Many governments Introduce productivity or efficiency drives. They aIm to reduce the size of the state not by cutting services but by cutting the cost of those services. However, few, if any, of those drives have the intended results. Why? Well, those governments rarely introduce systematic productivity improvement processes, and even more rarely attempt the


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Many businesses (too many) concentrate on efficiency at the expense of customer service.  We have all waited too long on a customer service call or had difficulty talking to a person we want to rectify a problem. If we mess with our customers, they may not return.  And they will make negative comments to their friends -

Too Many Platforms

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Platforms for digital communication and collaboration (everything from e-mail through Google Docs to Zoom and Teams) can be very useful.   The problem is that when organisations use several of these, individuals can lose focus and productivity. They find they can’t find messages or files because they can’t remember on which platform they originated.  They end up

What have I done today?

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Those of us charged with improving productivity can sometime get anxious about our own, personal productivity.  Are we working hard enough? If so, why isn’t the productivity of the organisation higher? These are the wrong questions to ask.  Beating ourselves up is no way to a better future. We should ask: What have I done today? What

Training needs to catch up

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Productivity requires employees to be fully trained in all aspects of their work role, preferably  including being aware of the organisation’s declared mission snd overall strategy. The problem for the organisation is that training can be expensive - especially in terms of taking an employee away from the workplace. One standard answer is “If you

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