A Fresh Start?

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The UK has a new monarch and a new Prime minister- one avowedly committed to economic growth as the way to climb out off the abyss we are in. But, as yet, apart from the long-espoused commitment to tax cuts, we have seen little evidence of what will create that growth. Where is the infrastructure

Creating a non-meeting culture

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We know that meetings suck time snd energy out of an organisation - so why do we have so many. Especially these days when there are so many other ways of communicating without dragging  everyone to a central point which requires some of them to leave their offices and travel to that central point, further taking

What Should You Do in Your Breaks?

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Simple question asked here. Can you do anything in your break times to help your work performance? Well, of course, you can. Drink water - and keep hydrated. Take a walk.  Humans are made to move - not sit still. Breathe.  Make positive attempts to breathe deeply and soundly. If you are going to snack, snack healthily.

Behaving Like Children

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Bullying does take place in many workplaces. Bullying gets a lot of attention in schools ands colleges - and there are strategies to deal with it and the consequences of it. This rarely happens in the workplace.  Most firms don’t know whether bullying happens in their organisation - and, where it might, they usually chose to

Coaching Success

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This summer, in the UK, has been glorious and packed with sport - Wimbledon, Commonwealth Games, European Championships, It got me thinking about how athletes and sports people prepare for a season in which they want to, or need to, peak several times. Sports coaches and sports scientists seems to have developed this ability within

Manage the Small Projects

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When we think about project management, many people naturally think of large-scale projects - building a new motorway (freeway), a new rail line or a new power station are obvious examples. Small projects, however, need project managing in the same way.  The principles and practises are the same.  We break the project down into manageable

A Day Is Not Enough

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This year, June 20th was World Productivity Day. I only found out about this at the beginning of July.  It had already passed me by - with no impact on me, or, I suspect the rest of the world. Those who think about productivity on World Productivity day will only be successful if they also think

On Reflection

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There is plenty of advice on how to start your working day - by establishing priorities, by reviewing your To Do list and so on . However, the other end of the day can be just as important. I find a quiet period of reflection can help clear the mind and prepare for a proper

Action is not Productivity

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 If you run around all day long, switching from tasks to task, you may end up completing little, achieving less.  You probably need to think more, act less. Plan more, execute more efficiently. This applies to your organisation. Sometimes, your employees may be working very hard but making little progress towards longer-term goals and objectives.   Like


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Sorry about returning to the subjects of 4 day working weeks and remote working. But I continue to see claims that both of these increase productivity. Most of these clams seem to arise from surveys of staff who themselves claim they are more productive working from home. I am prepared to believe that staff are

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